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Students can park in three areas

  • The Senior lot in the front of the school.
  • The hill coming up to the school.
  • The North campus lot. The North campus lot is rarely full.

Staff can park in two areas

  • The front of the school.
  • The lot out past the commons.

ADA Parking

  • The south side of the building along the fence line in front of the Commons.
  • The parking lot in front of Roy Anderson Field.

Visitors can park in:

  • Designated “Visitor Only” areas in front of the school.

Parking Permits

  • Parking permits are for Juniors and Seniors only and may be purchased from the bookkeeper.
  • The cost of a parking permit is $40, paid to the Bookkeeper. (WAIVED THIS YEAR 2021-2022)
  • There are only 225 spots for students on campus available.
  • Students can lose their parking privileges. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Parking Violations - Attention Student Drivers

If you park illegally in the staff lots, or do not have a parking permit, your car may be immobilized with an immobilizer boot. To get the boot removed you will have to find an administrator and pay a $15 fine.