High School

Behavior Expectations

School Day Expectations

  1. Arrive to school after 6:45 AM and on time to all classes, beginning at 7:30 AM.
  2. Take proper care of textbooks and equipment and return in the same condition as when borrowed.
  3. Remain in designated areas before school, during lunch, during Honor Time and after school.
  4. Work with everyone else to keep the building, equipment and materials clean and in good condition
  5. Leave campus at the end of the school day unless participating in a supervised activity.
  6. Resolve differences and conflicts in a peaceful manner, without verbal or physical fighting.
  7. Be honest about everything. Realize that cheating and other forms of dishonesty are serious acts of misconduct.
  8. Show respect for others, the building, and grounds. Bring no item to school which could be deemed a weapon. Refrain from any behavior which could injure or threaten another person.
  9. Respect yourself and others. Do not possess or use tobacco, drugs, or alcohol. Do not provide or sell tobacco, drugs, or alcohol to others. Do not wear clothing or accessories promoting their use.

Classroom Expectations

  1. Follow adult directions promptly and respectfully
  2. Arrive to class on time with all needed supplies (pencil/pen, planner, PE uniform, etc.).
  3. Bring class specific assignments, planner, books, and materials to each class (no bags with extra materials allowed in classrooms).
  4. Bring all signed materials (homework, permission slips, etc.) to and from home by the due date
  5. Eat and drink only in the Commons~~NO food or drinks in hallways or classrooms.
    1. Open beverage containers are not allowed, i.e., coffee, water bottles, soda, etc. Students can bring approved sealed water and/or juice, but bottles/cans can’t be opened prior to arrival at school.
    2. No gum allowed at school.
  6. Bring your planner to each class and use it along with a hall pass and sign out sheet every time you leave the classroom

Common Areas Expectations

  1. Move through the building in a calm, respectful and safe manner – absolutely no running, rough housing, or horseplay.
  2. Walk on the right side of the halls. Do not stand in groups next to lockers which block smooth movement in hallways.
  3. Public Display of Affection is not allowed. P.D.A. is defined as hand-holding, hugging, kissing, and arms around bodies.
  4. Students must not interfere with the discipline of other students either by expression or conduct.

Dress and Appearance Expectations (Dress Code)

Student dress and appearance should be comfortable and covered. Dress must not disrupt or interfere with the educational process/environment. For more specifics, please refer to the Parents/Students Responsibility Secondary Handbook, also available online. Specific dress code rules:

  • No hats or other types of head covering: Head scarves, bandanas, hoods or hats are not allowed. Exceptions for medical or religious reasons or for special ASB school spirit activities approved by administration. Items for hair containment such as clips, elastic bands and ribbons are acceptable, but must remain in hair.
  • Undergarments should not be visible. No midriff tops. No Pajamas or flannel pants. No Masks.
  • No pant sagging: Pants or shorts waistline must be above the top of the pelvis or hip bones and undergarments must not be visible.
  • Overalls: Straps must be attached at the shoulder or be tucked in.
  • Skirts/Shorts: Are to be at least as long as the student’s extended fingertips when arms are held relaxed at the side. Shorts must have a minimum three inch inseam.
  • Shoes: Footwear must have soles and must be worn at all times. Shoes with wheels: Wheels must be removed during the school day. No Slippers.
  • No rubber bands, safety pins or paper clips may be worn as accessories.
  • No markings or writing on yourself or other students.
  • Students must wear tops/shirts with sleeves. No sleeveless tops/shirts allowed. Students will make phone calls home to have parents/guardians bring appropriate attire to school.

Specific Clothing Not Allowed:

  • Articles of clothing which promote/display/contain/ insinuate any of the following in picture expression, symbol or word information: the use of drugs, violence, alcohol, tobacco, tobacco related products; information about sex, profanity, or language/symbols that support discrimination.
  • Midriff tops (any top that does not touch the top of a waistband with arms down at the side); shirts which expose cleavage or undergarments
  • Mesh tops, narrow spaghetti straps, off-shoulder and see through clothing.
  • Spiked necklaces, chokers, sharp rings, wrist straps or bands.
  • Chains worn in a manner considered to be a safety concern. (Dragging or loops which can be caught on body or clothing of others)
  • Hats, Hoods, bandanas, scarves, or sunglasses, or costume parts /novelty items during the school day except during performances or as part of specific spirit days.
  • No masks of any type.

Property Related Expectations

  1. Cell phones are not to be used during the school day. If a student carries a cell phone, it must be turned off throughout the school day. Cell phones taken out during class time will be confiscated and parents will be contacted to come and retrieve the cell phone form the office.
  2. Rubber bands, paper clips and permanent markers (Sharpies) are only to be used with staff approval.
  3. Bring to school only items that belong in school for educational purposes. Electronic devices brought to school must be placed in a locker between 8:05 AM - 3:00 PM or they will be confiscated. PHS is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.
  4. Headphones may not be worn in any school building except for use with auditory curricular materials.
  5. Respect the possessions of others and never take or use them without the owner's permission. Do not share lockers or give anyone your locker combination.
  6. The commercial exploitation of students at KMS is not permitted. Students may not sell, trade, make wagers (gambling and gambling-related equipment or supplies are not allowed), conduct fund raisers, obtain monetary sponsorships or buy non-school related items on campus.

Computer Use Guidelines

All PHS students are expected to be knowledgeable, responsible computer users. All students will have access to the Internet. If you choose to prohibit your child’s Internet access, a signed and dated Opt Out form (found in the Student Rights & Responsibility Handbook) must be returned to the school. Students must agree to log on only under their own assigned user ID. The Internet must be used appropriately. The student may not go to inappropriate sites or use the Internet for personal text messaging. Students may never touch a teacher's computer, classroom computer, and/or other technology tools (document camera, SMART Board, ELMO projector, overhead projector, etc) without specific teacher permission and direction. Failure to follow the preceding rules may result in disciplinary action.