High School

Policies and Procedures


The goal of the discipline policy at Peninsula High School is to provide a structured climate, which is safe and orderly and enables students to learn at an optimum level. The discipline policy is designed to provide all students the opportunity to develop positive self-control, successful interpersonal skills, self-direction, self-understanding, and the self-worth that comes with knowing that they are achieving their academic goals while maturing as an individual. The policy will be well communicated and consistently enforced. Conduct that is counterproductive to an individual’s learning or self-development; that is detrimental or unsafe to persons or property; that violates laws, policies, or commonly accepted standards will not be tolerated.

Peninsula High School will not tolerate violence, harassment, and gang related activity. All students are expected to comply with the school regulations outlined herein and to respect the authority of the school staff. All staff members are expected to enforce school and district policies in a firm, fair, consistent and timely manner.

Specific Procedures for Disciplinary Consequences

The sequence of disciplinary consequences follows the “progressive discipline” model and begins with minimal actions, which can be taken, and ends with the maximum action, which can be administered. This listing does not imply that a “step by step” progression of increasing severity needs to be used by the school staff in dealing with a violation. Disciplinary consequences are based on circumstances unique to each individual incident of inappropriate behavior and will be dependent on such factors as:

  • The severity of the incident.
  • The student’s attitude which includes the student’s sense of ownership of the behavior (accepts responsibility or shifts blame) and willingness to change.
  • The student’s discipline record.

Corrective Disciplinary Consequences


Student Conference:

Clarify expectations and let student know what consequences will be recommended or assigned if inappropriate behavior continues.

Parent Conference:

Parent informed by phone, e-mail, or in person with conference documented, incident explained, and future consequences reviewed.


Teacher assigned detention with the teacher.

Administrator-Assigned Disciplinary Consequences


Students will be required to attend school-sponsored detention for up to one hour after school. Students who do not serve their office assigned detention are automatically assigned Friday School for two hours. For minor offenses there is also lunch detention.

Friday School:

Students will be required to attend a program study (2 hours) on a designated Friday morning from 2:10pm—4pm. Students who do continue to skip detention/Friday School will be considered defiant and may face short term suspension.

* There will be no tolerance for behavior problems.

Suspension (At Home):

Student is removed from school due to the serious nature of the inappropriate behavior. Students will have an opportunity to make up work that was missed. The student is not to appear on campus nor attend any school functions (after school or evening) while on home suspension

Referral to Law Enforcement:

Inappropriate behavior may not only violate school and district policies, but state and local criminal law. If it is determined that criminal laws have been violated by our students, school officials will notify appropriate law enforcement authorities as well as take appropriate action to satisfy Education and Penal Code mandates.

Tardy Policy

Every student is expected to be in class on time. If a student is less than 10 minutes late they are considered tardy, after 10 minutes they are considered absent. Consequences for excessive tardies are as follows:

Tardy 1: Teacher Warning
Tardy 2: Parent notification by teacher
Tardy 3: Referral for detention to be served Tuesday or Thursday. No Show to detention will result in 2 hour Friday School. Teachers may make their own arrangements and have a student serve detention with them or they may refer to the office.

All additional tardy incidents will be considered defiance and will be referred to the appropriate administrator and will result in escalating disciplinary consequences which may include short term suspension.


The goal of discipline is for the students to grow and develop self-control and self-direction to the point that their habits and attitude will enable them to live harmoniously within their group and ultimately, to achieve self-mastery. Some measures of control are necessary with students. The classroom teacher is directly responsible for the conduct of students in the classrooms. Such actions as disobedience, violation of reasonable rules; defiance of authority of teachers, insubordination, habitual profanity, vulgarity, fighting, or smoking upon school premises will not be tolerated.

Classroom Behavior

Teachers have the right to expect students to follow classroom regulations. Students who choose not to follow classroom expectations will be referred to the progressive discipline system.

Passing Time Between Periods

There will be no loitering between classes. Students are to proceed on to their next class, take their seat, and prepare for class.

Leaving Campus During School Hours

Peninsula High School is a CLOSED CAMPUS. Therefore, when it becomes necessary for a student to leave campus for dental or medical appointments, etc., the parent/guardian must either send a note with the student (which is taken to the attendance office for an early dismissal note that can be shown to the teacher when the student needs to leave class) or call the Attendance Office (530-4429) in advance. The student must sign-in upon returning.

If the student is ill: please go to the health room and call the parent from there. If going home, the health technician can sign them out. This reduces interruptions to the classrooms.

If the student leaves campus without signing-out or confirming with the Attendance Office, the absence will be considered an unexcused and the student will receive a one day suspension for “Off Campus.”

Off campus passes are for Seniors only and may be issued to those students meeting the established criteria only. Those Seniors meeting the criteria to leave campus will have their privileges revoked if found taking underclassmen off campus, or if leaving campus results in attendance issues for that Senior.

Students Must be Excused by a Parent or Administrator Before Leaving Campus


Excused Within 24 Hours

Absences will not be excused beyond the first day back deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to clear absences and to do so within the time allowed (24 hours). The school administrators shall determine if an absence is to be excused after the 24 hour time frame.

Absences During School Days

The attendance office will not accept an excuse from a parent that allows a student to remain on campus.

Extended Absences

If an absence will be for three (3) or more days, the student must pick up an EXTENDED ABSENCE FORM from the Attendance Office and have it signed by all of his/her teachers for notification purposes and returned to the Attendance Office before leaving.

Illness at School

Students becoming ill during the school day must report to the health room. If it is necessary for the student to go home, the health tech contact the parent or guardian.

Unexcused Absence

Any absence without the permission of an administrator or parent will be considered unexcused. No make-up work will be allowed as the result of an unexcused absence.

Eighteen-Year-Old Students

All 18-year-old students will follow the regular attendance policies even if they have an attendance contract signed by a parent and an administrator allowing them to excuse their own absences. Attendance Contracts for 18-year-old students can be picked up in the Attendance Office and turned in to the Main Office.

*Hall Passes*

Students who leave the classroom for any reason must have a hall pass. Students in the halls without a hall pass will be subject to discipline.


Students are required to attend all assemblies unless the administration announces otherwise prior to the event.

Consequences for Unexcused Absences

1st Unexcused Absence = Notification to office and after school detention.

2nd Unexcused Absence = Notification to office and after school detention. Attendance contract.

*Continued unexcused absences will be considered defiance and may result in short term suspension from school.

Dress Code

  • Visible undergarments are not acceptable
  • All tops and shirts must completely cover the midriff and back
  • Shorts and shirts must extend beyond the fingertips when extended
  • Students may not wear bandanas unless approved
  • Sunglasses are not to be worn indoors
  • Clothing or jewelry promoting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or obscene and vulgar message is not permitted
  • Gang related apparel of any kind is not permitted

Students referred to the office for dress issues will be asked to change into appropriate clothing or cover the offensive clothing or message. A second or repeated offense of this policy will result in disciplinary action in accordance with school policy and procedure.


Student behavior in the cafeteria is based on courtesy and cleanliness. All lunches are to be eaten in the designated areas. Students are responsible for taking care of the cleanliness of the cafeteria. The lunchroom expectations are:

  • Respect others while standing in the lunch line.
  • Clean up tables and any mess you make! Take Pride in PHS!
  • Sit on the benches rather than the tables.
  • Avoid throwing food or any other object.

Cell Phones/MP3 Players/CD Players/Electronic Devices

Students BRING ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES AT THEIR OWN RISK! PHS is NOT responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices. Cell phones should not be used in class for phone calls, text messaging, or as a timepiece. If a parent has an important message during class they should call the main office and leave a message that will then be delivered to their student’s classroom.

The school-wide policy at Peninsula High School is that all students receive a blanket warning the first day from their teacher. The first offense the cell phone is taken by the teacher for the remainder of the period. The second offense the phone will be sent to the office to be picked up by the student at the end of the day. The third offense will require a parent to come in and pick up the phone after 24 hours. The same goes for any electronic device such as MP3 players, CD players, and video game players.

All Students Need to Lock Up Personal Items in Locker When in Any Physical Education Class!

Gang Related Activity

Groups that initiate, advocate, or promote activities which threaten the safety or well being of person or property on school grounds or at school activities, or which disrupt the educational environment, are harmful to the educational process.

The use of signals, graffiti or the presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, (including electronic devices) or manner of grooming which by the virtue of its color, arrangement, altered symbol, or any other attribute, may indicate membership or affiliation with a gang. Hand signals or any of these behaviors which in the judgment of staff presents a clear and present danger to students, staff and patrons are prohibited.


The Peninsula School District considers participation in commencement exercises and related activities as a privilege and not a right to which they are entitled. Therefore, any student who is withdrawn from school and placed on suspension for exceptional misconduct per District policy 3200 during the 4th quarter of the senior year will not be allowed to participate in school commencement exercises. This applies to exceptional misconduct on school district property or at a school sponsored event. Credits to meet graduation requirements must be completed by graduation in order for seniors to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Hall Passes

All students in the halls while classes are in session must have the school-wide hall pass with them, with approval to be out of class signed by the teacher. Your school planner should be your pass.

Homework Requests

Students are responsible for contacting teachers for make-up homework. The main office will collect homework assignments for any absences over three days or suspensions over five days in length.

Honor Lists

The list is divided into two categories:

  • Honorable Merit—To be eligible for this list, the student must earn a 3.0 GPA for the grading period being considered.
  • Honor Roll—All students who receive a 3.5 or better GPA will be placed on this list.


All persons must, upon request, identify themselves by name to any school district personnel while on the grounds or at school-sponsored events. ID cards are required for admittance to all school activities and must be carried at all times.


The library is available from 7:00am—2:30pm Monday—Friday

*Times may change due to afternoon meeting schedules. Changes will be posted.

Library standards that we expect students to maintain are as follows:

General Use:

  • Respect the rights of others to work in a quiet atmosphere.
  • Water is the only food or drink allowed in the library.
  • Be respectful of all library materials and equipment.
  • The use of cell phones, for calls or text messages, is not allowed.
  • Lost or damaged books must be replaced or paid for. Replacement requires approval of the Library Media Specialist.
  • Unless you are here with a class or it is lunchtime, you must have a pass from your teacher to use the library. Please leave your pass at the circulation desk.

Computer Use:

  • Library computers are available for educational use only. They may not be used for games, chat room conversations, or e-mail.
  • NO beverage container should be open around computers.
  • A signed PSD Network & Internet Responsible Use Agreement must be on file before a student may access the Internet in the library. The agreement is available in the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook or from the PHS library.


  • Locks and lockers are the property of the Peninsula School District and are made available as a convenience to students. Students who use lockers agree to the following conditions:
  • Only students who are assigned lockers by the main office are permitted to use the lockers.
  • School authorities reserve the right to open and search the school lockers under the following conditions:
    1. When a student is withdrawn from school
    2. When deadlines are not met for the return of school property
    3. When there are reasonable grounds for believing something contrary to school rules or significantly detrimental to the school and its students will be found in the locker.
  • Student using assigned lockers assume responsibility for the care and/or condition of lockers. If a locker is damaged, the student will be responsible for paying for repair.
  • The school is not responsible for locker theft either in the locker rooms or the school proper.

At the end of the school year, students are expected to clean out their lockers. Any clothing items left over the summer will be donated to S.A.V.E. Thrift Store.

Lost and Found

Lost and found is located in the Security Office. This is a service to the student. At the end of each month, items that are not claimed are donated to the S.A.V.E. Thrift Store. Lost books are sent back to the teacher.

Make-Up Credits

Peninsula High School may accept credits from an accredited correspondence or summer school program. Please check with your counselor if you wish to pursue make-up credits through one of these means to see if the credit is acceptable prior to enrolling in the course.

Parent Organizations

Volunteer Parent Organization (VPO)

This is an organization whose purpose is to provide an avenue by which all Peninsula High School parents and the community can get actively involved in the life of the school. The VPO offer broad-based support in the areas of academics, fine arts, and athletics. Meetings are held quarterly at 7pm, Mondays, in the library. All parents are encouraged to participate. Call for information on specific meeting times.

Peninsula Hawk Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee and the S.A.V.E. Thrift Store believe that all students can benefit from continuing their education after high school. They are dedicated to helping our students in this pursuit. The Scholarship Committee, with the combined effort of community members, businesses, service organizations, and the Thrift Store, raised over $200,000 for our 2010 graduating seniors. All seniors in the class of 2011 are encouraged to produce a scholarship notebook to qualify for one or more scholarships.