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Withdrawal Process

Out of district transfers

Withdrawal Process

  1. Parent/Guardian signs a "Withdrawal/Clearance" form in the counseling office.
  2. The student walks "withdrawal" form to all teachers to get final grades and turn in books. 
  3. The student must clean our P.E. locker and hall locker. 
  4. The student asks the school librarian to complete their section of the withdrawal form. 
  5. Go to the bookkeeper and check that all student fines are paid. 
  6. The completed form is submitted to the counseling office. The student will turn in their student ID card and parking pass. 


Parents/Guardians, if you are planning to move, please start the withdrawal process at least two weeks prior to your move. Students who are transferring to another school out of the Peninsula School District must first be withdrawn from Peninsula High School. 

Enrolling at another PSD school?

If you are considering enrollment at Henderson Bay High School or Global Virtual Academy, please let the student's Peninsula High School counselor know prior to any interviews at those schools.