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SAT and ACT testing schedules for 2020-21

The SAT and the ACT are the two college admissions tests that students can take and submit as part of their college application review. It is recommended that juniors take the one or both of the tests in the spring of their junior year and then again in the fall of their senior year if they feel like they would like an opportunity to try and raise their scores. Almost all colleges will take your highest score from either test to use in their admissions reviews. So, it can’t hurt a student to take both tests since they will always use the higher scored test in their admissions reviews. The two tests are set up a little different from each other. The ACT tests science skills directly while the SAT doesn’t. It is definitely a good idea to take a practice test before you go take either official test. There are many websites that offer practice tests and study guides, Khan Academy is one that many students use.

You can find the dates and test sites for SAT this school year by going to,

For the ACT you can go to,

*It is very important to check online if the test site you have signed up for is still administering the test. Due to Covid 19 many test sites have been closed this fall.

*Please check the college admission websites of the schools you will be applying to as almost all colleges are going test optional or test blind for 20-21 and won’t be requiring test scores for admissions or freshmen scholarship consideration.



AP Waiver Form

 for free and reduced approved students


If you missed the deadline of Friday, November 6th to pay for an AP Test(s), it has been extended to next Friday, November 13th. If you plan to pay online or bring in the registration form and a check made out to the school you must pay by 12:00pm, noon, so Mr. Burmark has time to order the tests on the AP coordinators website by the end of the day. If you end up paying after this deadline College Board charges a $40 late fee added to the regular cost of the test(s). College Board is not charging a canceled test fee this year so if you pay on time you can get a full refund if you decide not to test in May for any reason. If you pay late the $40 late fee is not refundable.   

If you have free/reduced lunch you can still turn in the waiver form and registration form to the main office by Friday, November 13th.

After Friday, November 13th the online option will be disabled, so if anyone decides they want to pay late they will have to bring in a copy of the AP Registration form along with a check made out to the school.

If you need more information contact Mr. Burmark