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Instructions for Scholarship Portfolio Turn In Day -UPDATED

Seniors, the Peninsula Hawks Scholarship Portfolio turn-in will be held Wednesday, January 13th from 8:00am to 2:30pm. 

You will report to the main entrance ( of the school for COVID check-in and then be directed into the auditorium to submit your portfolios. To help speed up the process, please come with a completed attestation form before you enter the building- you can find it HERE 

It is absolutely necessary to maintain social distancing at all times for everyone’s safety. Please arrive prepared with your completed portfolios, the additional required forms and print outs, and a pen.  You can reference the Turn-In day check list provided in your portfolio instruction packet. Masks are required to enter the building so bring one along.   

If, for any reason, you cannot attend the turn-in Vicky Donahoe, PRIOR to the 13th to make other arrangements. Call, text, or email: 253.225.9762 OR Late portfolios will not be accepted.

Peninsula High School boasts one of the largest high school scholarship programs in the state, the Peninsula Hawks Scholarship Fund. It provides nearly $240,000 per year in awards to graduates of our school. The awards can be used for any type of post-secondary education, from short training programs to a full-fledged university, and for any type of major whether vocational or academic.

Students apply by completing a scholarship portfolio during their senior year. In it they provide information about their accomplishments during their high school years and their future plans. This portfolio serves as the application for a large number of awards, given mostly by local donor families, businesses, and organizations.

For the Hawks Scholarship website                    To donate, click here

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  • Instructions for Claiming Scholarships

Inquiries about scholarships dispersed through the Peninsula Hawks Scholarship Fund should be directed to PHSF treasurer, Julie Gilette at Payments are made to colleges monthly, and only once the yellow card has been returned back to the Scholarship office. If you have further questions, contact Julie Gilette at, or call (253) 282-7705.


**Don’t Forget: Preparing a Senior Scholarship Portfolio is one of the best ways to get scholarship money. Packets are available at the Thrift Store. The portfolios are due in January. Be eligible for thousands of local dollars. PREPARE YOUR PORTFOLIO!