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Parchment | Final Transcript Instructions 

Hello Seniors!

Please see the info below for instructions on how to request your final PHS transcript. 

Orders will not be processed until Monday, July 5th, 2021 to ensure that your grades have posted from all institutions (PHS and TCC/OC) to your transcript. 

 Please be sure to check with TCC & OC to obtain a transcript directly from them for grades as well to submit to your colleges.

 If after your request has been processed on July 5th, your transcript self-view does not show "updated" please follow the instructions below to update your self-view before calling/emailing the counseling office.

Updating your unofficial self-view

*Please note that pressing the Update button will not automatically update your transcript. This button generates a new Unofficial Self-view order for your school to fulfill. Your high school will still need to process this order before the updated transcript appears in your account.

  Self-View Updating Instructions

Attached is a condensed list of all CWU College in the High School courses offered at PHS next year.  If you are interested in earning college credit along with enhanced high school credits next year, please check out this information before the counselors come out to guide you through the registration process for selecting next year's classes.  In most of these courses, except for PE, you can earn more high school credit per class than you would with a regular PHS class even if you don't opt to pay for the CWU college credit. The other dual credit options at PHS are AP courses and Running Start.  Please read the course catalog and talk to your counselors for more information if you are interested in those options.

Dual Credit Options


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